The CATAS Membership formula. To all CATAS subscribers we offer:

  • Special reserved prices for the tests included in the CATAS tests Pricelist  (*) and for the on-demand technical training.
  • Phone direct line with our lab experts (free telephone technical assistance service).
  • Access to the on line area myCATAS with exclusive web tools and archives:
    • Receive and send the orders directly on-line;
    • Search and download the documents issued by our Institute (your Company's Test Reports); 
    • Access our full tests catalogue, including the related current prices (the CATAS Pricelist); 
    • Access the presentations and webinars by CATAS Academy and the technical magazines "Catas News", the annual magazine collecting all the technical articles produced by our Institute.
  • Free services for samples handling (assembly, disposal).
  • Free participation to the CATAS Academy webinars (English language) scheduled in the annual calendar
(*) Excluding fire certification tests according to D.M. 26-06-1984 and excluding tests according to private technical specifications.

Ready for all CATAS Members:

CATAS Member logo

the CATAS Member logo 

The mark that communicates your constant commitment and attention to product safety and quality
The distinctive sign of a long-standing relationship with our Institute.

Are you CATAS Member? Send now your request for the logo! 

Furthermore, CATAS Members will receive a digital copy of the "CATAS News Selection", the annual magazine collecting all the technical articles produced by our Institute.

How to subscribe: 
in order to be a "CATAS Member” you can just send a request to

the annual subscription fee is 490,00€.

the annual subscription is valid from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.

CATAS Customer Discount.
Further discounts are also available for customers who regularly use CATAS test services.
CATAS will apply for the current year the discount (see table below) based on the turnover for testing achieved in the preceding year.
The discount is related only to tests, excluding amounts related to the purchase of equipment and other special agreements (i.e. the CQA product certification), excluding the tests according to private technical specifications.
The discount will be applied on each invoice issued for specific tests as described above.
The discount classes are the following:

Turnover (f) in €Discount (%)
10.000,00 < f ≤ 25.000,005
25.000,00 < f ≤ 50.000,007
f > 50.000,0010

Payment methods.
All the invoices relating to the services provided, as well as the subscription fee, can be paid by means of bank draft or bank transfer.  

For information:
Erika Spagnul
+39 0432 747234