Tables and cabinets section

Tables and cabinets section

Advanced testing equipment

Our test equipment include traditional testing machines, anthropomorphic robots and software programmes for test simulation on virtual prototypes. Thanks to our presence at the international standardization committee, where we contribute to the definition of testing methodologies, we are able to design and supply all the test equipment to ensure the safety, durability and strength of furniture (CATAS Engineering Service).

Tested products:

  • Tables and Cabinets
  • Office Desks and Cabinets 
  • Outdoor Tables 
  • School Tables and Blackboards 
  • Beds, Mattresses and Bunk Beds (San Giovanni al Natisone and Lissone labs)
  • Children’s cots, Cribs, Cradles and Changing units



We work at the drafting and revision of all technical standards developed by the following standardisation committees:

  • UNI Furniture Committee
  • CEN TC 207 Furniture working groups:
    • WG 1 Requirements for domestic furniture
    • WG 2 Requirements for children’s and nursery furniture
    • WG 3 Office furniture
    • WG 4 Requirements for Outdoor furniture
    • WG 5 Requirements for non domestic furniture
    • WG 6 Requirements for educational furniture
    • WG 8 Requirements and test methods for hardware for furniture
    • WG 9 Test methods
  • ISO TC 136 Furniture working groups:
    • WG 2 Tables – Test methods
    • WG 3 Storage units - Test methods for determination of strength and durability
    • WG 4 Beds - Test methods

Our lab technicians are available for further explanations or requests about tests on different types of products.