1972: technical training has always been in our DNA.


The seminars for the furniture sector companies.

Catas gets up to speed and the spaces in the school in the centre of San Giovanni al Natisone (UD), however narrow, are fully operational: the first tests are carried out on the chairs produced by the local companies. 
Catas begins to show its full potential and the Board approves a strategic transformation, that is, attention to the entire supply chain and the acronym Catas takes on a different meaning: "Regional technical assistance center for companies, in the chairs and furniture production sector".

It is the time in which we have the first proof that the organization of seminars and in-depth technical meetings is a precious tool to involve an increasing number of entrepreneurs and technicians in the area, as well as a way to contribute to spreading information and knowledge.

From the origin to the present, Catas training offer never stopped.