1969: the starting


The first test equipment for chairs

Our story begins in February 1969, in the heart of an industrial district - the "Chair District" - celebrated around the world as the home of this fundamental element of furniture.
We were born to meet the needs of local companies to face the markets around the world with the right credentials, being able to have the information, tests and certifications necessary to comply with the standards of the many countries of destination.
It was for this reason that the Udine Chamber of Commerce decided to create a new technological center, able to offer technical skills and services; Catas was born, as a Center of technical assistance companies of the chair sector.

Everything started from here, in a room created in the laboratories of a professional technical institute in San Giovanni al Natisone, in the province of Udine, in the heart of the "Chair District". In this land we were born, over the years we have grown and today we work with customers all around the world, but our mission remains the same: "to contribute to improving the quality and reliability of products, to the benefit of users and the environment, carrying out tests with a high level of competence, contributing to innovation and promoting the training of companies in the sector ".