21. 06. 2018


Can art and science get along?

One of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous masterpieces is certainly the Last Supper that can be admired in Milan, in the convent adjacent to the sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie.
This fresco, which in reality cannot be properly defined as such, is a clear example of Leonardo’s eclectic personality, which has always ranged between art and science with a strong tension towards research in every field.
Unfortunately, in this particular case, the great Master’s desire of innovation did not take into account the particular conditions under which the great masterpiece would have been exposed and which led to its rapid deterioration: the placement of the painting on the north-facing wall and which also acted as a separation from the kitchens, determined particularly severe climatic stresses (temperature and humidity) which deeply damaged it, also due to the particular “dry” technique used by the Master.
As is well-known, these phenomena were revealed just a few months after the conclusion of the painting and even today the Cenacle is necessarily subject to continuous restoration and recovery. (continues)

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