28. 06. 2024


Europe's new challenge EU Regulation 2023/1115 (EUDR)

On June 9th, 2023, Regulation (EU) 2023/1115 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the availability on the Union market and the export from the Union of certain raw materials and products associated with deforestation and forest degradation and repealing Regulation (EU) 995/2010 was published in the Official Journal of the EU.

The new Regulation, also known by its acronym EUDR (European Deforestation-free Products Regulation), bans the placing on the EU market of wood products and wood-derived products that do not comply with the legislation of the countries of origin (in this respect, similar to EU Regulation 995), but also prohibits the import and export from the EU of products that have caused deforestation or forest degradation.
In addition to wood, other materials and products derived from them that have an impact on deforestation and forest degradation (cattle, cocoa, coffee, oil palm, rubber and soya) have been included.

The Regulation, with some exceptions, will officially enter into force on 30th December 2024.

The purpose of the regulation is right and has to be shared in its principles. In fact, the basic idea is to favour imports and exports of "virtuous", "environmentally honest" products or materials and to block unfair market behaviour.
On the other hand, from reading the document, the fear that emerges is that its application will, in practice, be complicated and difficult to manage.
We too, therefore, look forward to moments of confrontation that will allow us to understand how we can truly enforce the principles of this new EU law.

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