29. 09. 2023


Gaming chairs: do any specific standards need to be drawn up?

Gaming is a really interesting phenomenon that is spreading; in fact, more and more people spend part of their time challenging virtual characters and beating levels after levels.
As a matter of fact the videogame market affects 96% of young people until 17 years and 57% of people between 18 and 44 years and the sales of new video games are constantly growing, like the time spent playing video games, despite the fact that in the meantime the restrictions due to the pandemic emergency have progressively been reduced.

Important data that makes us understand how gaming is not just a passing phenomenon but, on the contrary, an increasingly current and intrinsic reality in common everyday life which leads to spending a lot of time in front of the screen.
Precisely for this reason we would like to give special attention to an accessory that is not very often associated with gaming, but which is actually very important.

We're talking about gaming chairs.

This product should have certain features and adjustments to adapt to the posture of the gamer and should be resistant enough to withstand stress during use, even for many hours a day.

To date, there are no specific standards, and CATAS, having also consulted with other laboratories in Europe, has so far suggested that its customers apply the EN 1335-2:2018 standard to assess tightness and stability.
This European standard describes the safety, tightness and durability requirements for office work seats; is based on use for 8 hours per day by people weighing up to 110 kg.

A note should be made: the gaming chair is similar to the office chair, but the intended use is very different.
The tests carried out so far have not highlighted any critical issues: the products comply with the requirements of this standard.

At a regulatory level, given the wide diffusion of this product, the topic will be discussed in the coming months and a decision will be taken which will concern the possible writing of a new specific standard and also whether this standard will be of a national or European nature.

CATAS, with its technicians, takes part at the standardization working groups: you will therefore have news about it through our newsletter.

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