29. 09. 2023


What's new in the handling of hazardous substances in ADR

With the Italian ministerial decree 7.08.23, published in the official gazette no. 220 of 20.09.2023, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport re-established the framework of exemptions from the obligation to appoint the DGSA dangerous goods transport safety advisor, which is provided not only for companies that ship or transport dangerous goods by road according to the ADR Agreement, but also for those that carry out related activities such as packaging, loading, filling or unloading the same substances.

The measure adheres to the principle that the regulation of this appointment in ADR is the responsibility of each state party to the agreement. In the national context, the pre-existing regulatory framework had in fact generated some perplexity for the operators involved, also with regard to the implications on the management of special hazardous waste.

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