27. 01. 2020


Medical beds for children: the standard EN 50637

In 2009, from the joint work between IEC and ISO, the IEC 60601-2-52 standard "Medical electrical equipment - Part 2-52: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of medical beds" was published.
IEC 60601-2-52, which has also been published as an EN standard and has had several amendments over the years, applies to medical beds intended for adults.

The document has been included in the list of harmonized standards and can therefore be used, in combination with other applicable standards, to presume compliance with the directive on medical devices.
The purpose of the standard is to define the particular requirements relating to the basic safety and essential performance of medical beds intended for adults.

When we speak of a medical bed, we refer to a "device, for which the intended use is sleep/rest, consisting of a mattress support platform having the function of assistance during diagnosis, monitoring, prevention, treatment, alleviation of suffering or compensation for an injury or physical handicap ".
Being a standard created to regulate the safety aspects of adult beds, over the years there has been the problem of regulating the safety aspects related to medical beds for children (read more).

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