17. 01. 2018


Designing furniture for all in Italy

Tags: Ergonomics

50 million people in Europe (approximately one in six people) aged between 16 and 64 are affected by a permanent health problem or a disability. If we stop for a moment to observe the world in which we live, we notice how evident and frequent are the situations in which people's physical abilities have a limitation, and the statistical data tell us that the incidence of disability will increase as the European population is becoming increasingly old.
In this scenario, about a couple of years ago the UNI Furniture Commission has started the study of a draft standard, now published, addressing the topic of furniture, functionality, design and its positioning in the life environments in an adaptable, useful and easily accessible way for all adult people, regardless of their physical abilities.
The standard  provides requirements and recommendations for this design and also, as modern technical standards do, explains the approach and perspective used.
In this article, published by the Unione&Certificazione magazine, the birth and content of this standard are explained by one of its authors, dr. Andrea Giavon.

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