30. 06. 2022


The CATAS certification marks

What is a 'certified product'? And why does it stand out from others?

Formally, the answer is simple: "certified" is a product whose characteristics comply with defined requirements, these requirements are specified in a certification rule periodically updated following the evolution of the technical standards for the sector, the rule is applied by the inspectors who verify that the product meets the requirements through assessment actions such as audits and laboratory tests.

ACCREDIA, above all, checks that the certification body carries out the full process in a competent and impartial way.

All this is contained in a product granted with a certification mark.

Leaving behind the form, even if it is fundamental when talking about quality, now we will tell you a real certification story, with 'substance', an experience that CATAS Certification Body staff lives daily.

A few months ago, we are contacted by a company interested in certifying its products according to a Catas Quality Award scheme.
Documentary phase completed, our inspectors carry out the initial audit to check the production processes and sample the products to be tested.
Of the three samples, only two are compliant. The technician communicates the result to the Company, which modifies what it considers to be the cause of the test failure and sends a new sample for testing.
The change was probably not decisive as the test fails again.
The company does not give up and decides to make an even more substantial change to the product by getting a new raw material supplier. So, the third sample is sent: tests passed and requirements met!
The certificate is issued, and the CATAS Quality Award is granted.

We wanted to tell you this 'everyday life' story to show you that the CQA staff work with companies that believe that the certification process is a concrete opportunity for product improvement and that the granted mark is a real expression of added value not only for the product but also for the credibility of the company itself.
Believing in the certification means putting itself on the line and aiming for continuous improvement achieved also through the relationship with the certification body.
Finally, the one who benefits from this virtuous process is the customer (final or intermediate) who consciously buys a quality product: the real quality, which can be seen and "tested" in everyday life.

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