30. 11. 2022


Working chairs in the office

Published by CEN on 16 November, it will be EN 1335-1:2020+A1:2022 and will soon be gradually implemented and published by the European countries.
Many of you will ask why, just two years after the publication of EN 1335-1, an update has already been published. This because, due to the numerous and profound innovations of the instrument and of the measurement methods, only the application of the standard itself was able to highlight some gaps which left possible interpretations. It was therefore necessary to publish this document which in any case does not modify its contents, but simply to provide details and clarifications necessary for the correct application of measuring instruments, test methods and dimensional requirements.
Below we will briefly list the main changes:

  • Reference to the new ISO 24496 method updated in 2021, which defines the measurement method.
  • Change in the definition of footrest.
  • The technical figure has been updated to better clarify how to determine the distance between the armrests.
  • More details in the table which contains the dimensional requirements (table 2).
The most important point therefore concerns an update to the method defined by ISO 24496, also recently modified and published last year. Also in this document the changes are strictly referred to clarifications necessary for the correct interpretation and use of the standard.
At this point, as soon as UNI implements it, the new UNI EN 1335-1 standard will become the national standard for office chairs measurements and will be used to obtain the declaration to Legislative Decree 81/2008.
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