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Are there any correlations between natural and artificial aging?

This is a question that is frequently asked to our technicians. Usually the artificial weathering is performed according to specific technical standards that reflect the experience of a certain sector. An early degradation of a specimen during an accelerated test can be interpreted as a warning signal that alerts the producer of the possible problems that the material will show in use. In any case it is difficult or even impossible to establish a correlation with reality considering the many existing variables such as climate (latitude, height above sea level), the micro-climatic conditions (humidity, proximity to the sea, winds, etc.), the direction of exposure (North, South, etc.), and the greater or lesser shielding provided by buildings or other artificial or natural elements. Our laboratories, in addition to being equipped with numerous aging systems with various light sources and with the possibility to reproduce any climate in terms of temperature (from minus 70 ° C) and humidity, are still able to guide companies towards the more appropriate aging system.

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