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Can I check if a CATAS digital test report has been counterfeited?

Yes, to check the validity of a CATAS test report, you have to open the file with a PDF Reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

All the information regarding the signature is displayed on the “Signature Panel” (choose View > Show/Hide > Navigation > Panels > Signatures, or click the Signature Panel button in the document message bar).

The document could be:

  • Signed, all signatures are valid”. In this case the document is regular.

  • The validity of the document certification is UNKNOWN. The author could not be verified” and “The signature is valid, but revocation of the signer’s identity could not be checked”. It means that the signature is valid, the document has not been modified after the signature but probably the certificate used to sign the document has expired. The test report is most likely valid but to be absolutely sure it is necessary to contact us.

  • If no digital signature is detected (signature panel not present) or the signature panel reports other errors, the document is potentially counterfeited. Authenticity, paternity and integrity are not guaranteed. To check its validity, it is necessary to contact us and request a digital copy of the test report.

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