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22. 10. 2020

Treated articles and Biocidal Products Regulation: upcoming webinar

Technical speech by Elena Conti, head of CATAS Biological testing lab. Date: October, 28th 2020.

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29. 09. 2020

UNI 10988 standard: storage units for shop furniture

The 2020 revision: terminology, safety requirements and test methods.

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19. 05. 2020

Hospital and medical furniture: the UNI standard is ready

The UNI 11780:2020 including requirements and test methods has been published.

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24. 07. 2020

Highchairs compliant with the standard

The news included in the revision of the EN 14988:2017 standard.

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24. 07. 2020

The new standards of the first half 2020

Find here the list of standards published by UNI during the first half of 2020.

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21. 04. 2020

The tendency of surfaces to retain dirt

The revision of the UNI 9300 standard: the main changes adopted.

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18. 05. 2020

Resistance to abrasion of furniture surfaces

The EN 15185 is going to become an ISO standard.

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24. 02. 2020

Formaldehyde and compliance with the UBA German law

The new "CQA Formaldehyde" product certification scheme is ready.