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25. 09. 2019

Formaldehyde and Canada

Formaldehyde emissions: from 2020 news also from Canada.

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24. 07. 2019

Formaldehyde: legislative changes in Europe and the USA

Short notes from the recent technical seminar held at CATAS.

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25. 07. 2019

Cribs and mattresses: what have been changed from the 1990s to the present

The children furniture sector: how standardization looks to the market evolution.

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24. 07. 2019

CAM arredi: aggiornamenti dal Ministero dell'Ambiente

Pubblicato il decreto 3.07.2019 che modifica i criteri ambientali minimi per la fornitura e il servizio di noleggio di arredi per interni.

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23. 06. 2017

Children cots: news from the standardization world

A preview of the upcoming updates on European standards on domestic cots, including folding beds.

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01. 04. 2019

EN 1130 cribs: the revision of this standard is coming

Preview from the being published standard document referred to cribs.

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25. 02. 2019

Formaldehyde in Germany: new methods and new limits.

The reference method for the German market for the determination of formaldehyde emission has been announced.

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02. 11. 2018

Wooden windows are now "up to standard"

The new standard UNI 11717-1 "Minimum requirements for resistance to degradation of wood substrates and coating systems for exterior wood and/or wood-based door and window frames" has been published.

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10. 12. 2018

The Coordination of the UNICHIM - “Wood adhesives” Working group goes to CATAS.

The new appointments of the UNICHIM Adhesives Committee were officially announced in Milan on 19 September 2018.

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01. 10. 2018

An Italian standard for outdoor wood floors

The requirements for supporting and fixing elements and methods for installing floors are now available within the new standard UNI 11538-2.