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25. 10. 2017

Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM)

With the new Code of Contract GPP is no longer a voluntary instrument but has become compulsory, and the Decree of 11 January 2017 issued a new technical document for the furnishing sector which contains the "minimum environmental criteria" (CAMs) for public supply of furnishings for all uses.

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26. 10. 2017

School buildings: The new Italian fire prevention decree

The legislative news in Italy about fire reaction for school activities.

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26. 10. 2017

The safety and durability of office furniture

Contents and news about UNI EN 527-2: 2016 "Office furniture - Work tables - Part 2: Safety, strength and durability requirements".

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25. 09. 2017

Fire prevention: new regulation for the city of San Francisco

San Francisco bans the sale of upholstered furniture containing flame-retardant chemicals.

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27. 09. 2017

Nurseries: fire reaction for upholstered products

D.M. 16-07-2014 "Technical regulation of fire prevention for the design, construction and operation of nurseries": the Italian Home Office provided the clarifications that CATAS requested in November 2014.

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01. 09. 2017

Prevenzione incendi per le attività scolastiche

Pubblicato il nuovo decreto D.M. 07.08.2017 "Approvazione di norme tecniche di prevenzione incendi per le attività scolastiche".

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20. 07. 2017

Yellowing of knots – a new specification for furniture surfaces

CATAS Surfaces department offers a new test in order to assess the behaviour of stained and painted softwood with knots.

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23. 06. 2017

The CE marking of construction products step by step

Download the free guide to CE marking of building products.

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05. 06. 2017

MAY: New standards just published

Find here the list of standards published in May 2017 by UNI.

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23. 05. 2017

Anti-decubitus mattresses: clarifications on fire reaction

With the letter prot. n. 5212 of 18-04-2017, the Italian Home Office provided some clarification on the possibility of certifying/homologating anti-decubitus mattresses according to the fire reaction standard UNI 9175.